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What are the Benefits of Web-Based Systems?

Benefits of web based systems
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Simply put, a Web-based system is a service or application that is accessed and utilized over the Internet. This, technically, makes it accessible anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection, as opposed to programs and applications that are installed locally in a computer or a local server. Examples of such systems are online games such as those on Steam, streaming networks such as Netflix, social networking sites like Facebook, video sharing sites like YouTube, photo sharing sites like Instagram, online storage like Dropbox, and business applications like Office Online. There are many others, including banks, Web-based email, food order services, and online retails stores.

Many companies, both big and small, are already enjoying the benefits of Web-based systems, including:

Cost-effectiveness. There are ways that a Web-based system can lessen a business’ expenditures. For instance, instead of paying for licensing fees for a software to be installed on each individual PC in the office, the company can use online office applications. Also, a company can save both time and funds when it’s time to update or upgrade the system or add more storage. Money can also be saved as there’s less need for full-time IT staff as opposed to maintaining an office network, and less space is needed to house local servers.

Accessibility. Since Web-based systems can be utilized via the Internet, content can be accessed practically anywhere. This is particularly advantageous such as when one is on a business trip. This also allows a business owner to hire qualified employees without being limited to geographical location. And often, it can be accessed using a wide range of devices instead of relying only on one particular device or PC where the program is installed or where the file is saved.

What happens in an internet minute

A lot goes on in an Internet minute. [Source:]

Work Continuity. Losing a laptop during a trip, a PC crashing, or the office moving to a different location can all contribute to the disruption of business functions. But with a Web-based system, the disruption can be minimized since applications and files can be accessed via the Internet. Also, should one need to work overtime, they need not stay in the office after hours but instead continue doing their work at home. Furthermore, if several people are collaborating on a project, there’s no need to send a document back and forth since they will all be able to access a single document or file. And of course, files can be turned over rather easily if a staff member has to go on leave or resigns.

There are different Web-based systems that can be integrated into a business for optimum results. However, with numerous options available, it can be difficult to select what would work best. The choices and price range usually depend on the requirements of the company. Chosen carefully, however, they can provide a business with many benefits, including better productivity, less expense, and potentially better service offered to clients. These, in turn, can result to a more streamlined business. Experienced website developers can often give advice on the right solutions.

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