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June 16, 2014

I’m not usually the emotional type; though when I got to know her last November, it felt like I got hit by an arrow from the Cupid. Or all its arrows from the quiver. Today marks the 2nd month of forever. Not sure if I really want to count the Months, I’d rather look forward to celebrating anniversaries with her.

Nothing special on the 16th of every month coz every second and every minute I spend with her will always be special. And instead of going out and spending on expensive food and drinks on these occasions, I’d rather make a small and simple meal (im thinking of cubed hams, bread or crackers, melted cheese, wine or iced tea and chips). With a movie (horror, coz im sweet that way). Sitting on a couch with dim light and our socks on. Put my arms around her while she leans on me. Watching her slowly fall asleep. Then flick her nose for sleeping on me, but then kiss her right after she gets mad. Now that’s my kind of celebration. Too cheesy? I’m not done. Take away the food, drinks and movies, and its still a special night. Why? coz I get to see her fall asleep and snore on my arms…the best view in the world.

Okay, enough about what’s on my mind whenever I think of her. THE SONG. Somehow I found myself looking for this song the moment I started this blog. Fits our situation, I guess. To quote parts of the song:

“I’m a changed man
I’m not who I was before
Finally found love”

“Though you’re so far away
You are worth waiting for”

“I don’t care the miles that stand between us
Don’t care if time starts pushing through
Don’t care what the people think about us
I’m gonna find my way to you”

“Not your average kind of love”

“Together, our love is strong enough”

“You are the reason I’m inspired”

“Nothing else mattered before you came”

“If only they knew that
What we have is real
It’s not like the loves before
Finally found love”

“Baby our love is not based on what other people say
Only ourselves”

I could quote the whole lyrics lol just listen to the song, you’ll appreciate it.

A lot of things running in my mind when I think about her. Both happy and afraid at the same time. I’m happy because I have the type of relationship most people spend their entire life looking for. I’m scared because now that I have found it, I’m afraid to lose it.

Or I guess I’m over thinking again, so I’ll end it here.

Long distance relationships are challenging. But nothing is a challenge if you love her enough.

P.S. This is my 1st blog post on my site. And its about my girl. I guess that’s something, yeah?

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