3 Common Confusions About SEO Services in Brunei

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March 20, 2015
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April 9, 2015

Clarity To 3 Common Confusions About SEO Services

It is a common mistake for people to not read the fine print when engaging the services of a provider. With SEO services, clarity is very important especially when it comes to what results will be achieved and when. The clause “Guaranteed results in Google” sounds nice, but really is an unclear if not empty promise. Do not get sold into this bait. When you hear this, remember to drill down into details: what keywords will be ranked and when the ranking results should show.
We’ve listed below three common confusions when engaging the services of an SEO provider like ourselves. We hope that this could give you, our prospective clients, leverage on making smart decisions with regards to your SEO engagement.

SEO Services Maintain #1 Position In Google

Some of our competitors promise maintaining your site in the #1 rank in Google. This is wonderful, yes, everybody wants to be on the first page of Google. But the operative word is “maintain.” We have yet to find a cash-friendly maintenance fee for that most coveted spot in Google. It is obvious that the provider who promises this will need to jack up prices because of the weight of the promise. Who can foretell what algorithm changes can happen in a year’s time, changes that have the capacity to overturn SEO that has worked before. But because the engagement is to maintain the number one position for the client, the provider who promises this brings upon himself the choking responsibility of moving heaven and earth to deliver this result.

Our way is to provide an SEO.SIMPLE.™ content service subscription for our clients for contents that allow them to organically rank in Google and other search engines in 3-6 months. Thereafter, we say that SEO is a continuous work. Once the ranking is achieved, content must continuously be created to sustain the ranking.

SEO Services: Ranking In Google, Yahoo and Bing

Clients need to also know that there is a difference between Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings, and Google.com.bn, Yahoo.bn, Bing.com rankings. There is a different strategy to rank in the local pages and in the world pages. So be sure where you want to rank.

SEO Services: Onsite Optimisation

There is an important information some SEO providers withhold from clients. That is, that SEO will not work unless the site is fully optimized. Before we apply SEO, we ensure that client sites are SEO ready – that means there are unique landing pages created, with each landing page having unique and keyword-focused titles, meta description, and robot.txt.  files in place.

Our brand of SEO is straightforward. We engage the clients in the truth that SEO is continuous – and that staying on top requires hard and continuing work. And all this is in the fine print.

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