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April 26, 2015
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May 9, 2015

The Web has become the center of many activities. This ranges from communication and social networking, sharing and searching for information, online gaming and entertainment, as well as banking and other business. The Internet has also become the most convenient means of shopping, especially for those hard-to-find items. That said, the Web has become the venue for vendors to market their wares.

In Brunei, buying and selling is now made easy with the emergence of online market venues. Whether one is looking for a job, a mobile phone, a camera, car service, a computer or a laptop, or other products and services such as body massage, foot spa, or computer repair, it can all be found in one place. And for vendors looking for a wider reach, an online venue is the place to be. Practically anybody can buy and can sell almost anything, provided they are legal, of course. Many folks have already discovered the many advantages of the buy-and-sell business and have made buying and selling as their main source of income, while others find it as a lucrative business to earn extra money.

The concept of buying and selling has been around for thousands of years, and has evolved from face-to-face transactions to the use of printed catalogues and via-mail orders. What has dramatically changed in this modern time is the way orders and payments are made. Today, items are displayed on a website, orders are placed online, and payments might be done electronically.

buy and sell in Brunei


There are, of course, ways of attracting potential customers and turning a post into a sale. Here are some tips that came from a post on Ebay several years ago that still prove true:

  1. Spare some extra time to put the item in its best condition, especially if it’s a refurbished or pre-owned item.  Clean it up if needed.
  2. Use of good actual images of the items being sold. Customers want to see the condition of the item first before buying it ,and they would unlikely buy an item blindly. Sellers need to use a good quality camera.  With all the smartphones around, there’s hardly an excuse to come up with several several pictures to show off a product.
  3. Creating a good description and giving potential customers as much information as possible.  The more details one can give with regard to the item, the easier it would be for both the buyer and the seller.
  4. Asking for a good feedback, if possible.  The good feedback that a seller receives will make them a reliable one, and will eliminate doubts of future possible buyers.  As a seller, it’s important to build a reputation, and this includes selling good products, being accommodating, and providing a customer with a good experience. Sellers can also give a positive feedback to the buyer, which will also create an image that makes the buyer easy to deal with.
  5. Finding ways to accept payments.  While cash payments is always the preferred way to go, there will be some instances when buyers would prefer or need to make an electronic payment instead.  Bank-to-bank transactions, PayPal, and  Western Union  are just a few options.
  6. Taking the time to monitor listings.  Some buyers may have some more questions with regard to your service or items.  Showing professionalism and a good level of customer service by replying to them promptly and straight to the point would prevent potential customers from feeling ignored.
  7. Last but not the least, shipping the item in a timely manner.  Nobody wants to receive their purchased item after a month, unless agreed upon.  So, sellers have to do their assignment and have all the information they need with regard to shipping.  The bottom line is, everybody should be happy, not just the seller.

The buy and sell hub in Brunei is right on one’s fingertips. Placing advertisements on CNAbiera Brunei Advertisements opens the potential of getting found easily on the Web.

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