How Can an SEO Specialist Help a Business in Brunei?

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July 7, 2014
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July 13, 2014

If you’re thinking of boosting your business, then you may want to consider improving your online presence. By making your company more visible in the Web through a well-designed and search engine-optimized website, you can expand your reach and make your company more accessible to millions of potential clients. But in a very competitive corporate world, this requires time, effort, and a certain level of expertise, so it’s recommended that you seek the assistance of an SEO specialist to tap the market in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, or the other areas that you want to cater to.

But why does a company need an SEO consultant? Primarily, because one of the most effective ways to make your company more visible to potential customers is to get it on top of search engine results, and that’s one of the major goals of an SEO specialist. People use search engines because they want answers and products and services, so if they do a search and your link lands on the first page (preferably on the top three) of the results, then it’s more likely to get clicked. The increase in traffic equates to more potential customers availing of what your business has to offer.


While you can certainly maintain and optimize your website on your own, it may take up a lot of time and effort. For one thing, your site has to be SEO-friendly. This means that you need to research, find, and mine for the keywords and key phrases that people actually use when they make a search. These keywords need to be placed strategically in the pages of your website, so the crawlers will be able to “see” your site as relevant to the searches. There are general keywords with plenty of competition, and there are long-tail key phrases that are more targeted towards a smaller niche. The choice of keywords is considered when you and your SEO consultant plan on how to make your business more visible.

Also, SEO consultants remain abreast with the constantly evolving world of search engines, including changes in algorithms, white hat SEO practices (as opposed to the frowned-upon black hat techniques), the behaviour of Internet users, and other important factors. For instance, at one point, many website owners joined the bandwagon and started practising keyword stuffing. They tried to manipulate search engine results by filling their sites with keywords in a very unnatural (and annoying) way – sometimes around four percent of a page’s content (that’s four times in a 100-word article or 40 times in a 1,000-word article). Search engine companies are constantly finding ways to prevent such practices, and they actually flag sites that try to fool the crawlers. Getting flagged by a search engine can result in a huge decline in the site’s traffic. An SEO consultant will try to keep your company from making such a fatal mistake by trying to stay up-to-date with search engine rules.

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But getting and putting keywords is not the only thing that SEO consultants do . They also match the website with the company’s marketing strategies and business niche, they study the competition, they look at the trends, tap social media platforms, give advice on content development, among numerous other things. But their primary goal is to make potential customers find you, thus boosting your business.

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