Do’s and Don’ts: How to Rank in Google Philippines

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July 9, 2014
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Ranking in Google is very important for every business who wants to have potential clients constantly streaming in via the Internet. Novices and professionals all want to figure out exactly how to rank in Google Philippines or in other countries in order to have a good slice of the market.

So, in the past years, there have been certain practices that tried to go around the search engine’s system in an attempt to manipulate the results and be on top of the return page. While these black hat SEO practices may work for a time, the results don’t and won’t last. They may even lead to a devastating decline in the site’s ranking on the search engine once discovered. It’s always better to abide by the rules.

To stay in good standing, it’s important to know the things to avoid in creating and maintaining your website:

  • Auto-Generated Content. These are content that have been created using programs. For instance, an article written by a human may be put in a program and spun – the words would be replaced by their synonyms, which results in a very awkward article. Some may lift paragraphs from web pages and put them together, while others use a program to translate text from another language without any human review or editing. Often, this is done to simply place relevant keywords into a page, even though the result makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Sneaky Redirects. This is when a visitor is taken to another site when they click on a URL. Often, the site contains a totally different content than what the visitor is looking for or is intending to read.

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  • Link Schemes. This is when one tries to fool the search engine and to manipulate their page ranking by placing fraudulent links in other websites that point to their site. This includes buying or selling links, use of automated services, and large-scale or excessive use of link exchanges, article marketing, and guest posting. This also includes unnatural links, such as hidden links in widgets, those in forum comments, those with optimized anchor text, and other sneaky ways of inserting hyperlinks.
  • Hiding Text and Links. This is to hide excessive use of keywords by hiding them where people won’t see, such as offscreen, behind a picture, or making the text the same color as the background.

There are still more practices that are considered a violation to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and it’s important to be familiar with these so as to avoid inadvertently doing them and getting penalized for it.

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