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Pokemon Go has been a global phenomenon among mobile gamers and the Brunei youth is no exemption.

Pokemon Go trainers are slowly making Brunei’s nightlife more active than before. Previously, establishments in central cities will close around 8:00pm – 10:00pm due to the lack of customers during late hours. But when Pokemon Go was released in Asia,  Brunei’s night life has improved dramatically with countless people going around parks and central cities to play the famous mobile app game. As per our personal observation, we see Pokemon Go trainers go round the city during after office hours (6:00pm) until midnight (12:00am).

As locals may have noticed, establishments in Brunei are taking advantage of this event as they tend to host their own Pokemon Go related promotions for their shops. Some of these promotions go from giving away discounts for having specific Pokemons, to giving away items if you are able to catch certain Pokemons on their areas.

Recently, we discovered that some trainers are devoted in hunting rare pokemons in Brunei. Although there is no solid proof on the specific locations of these rare Pokemons, word of the mouth says that some of the rarest pokemons including “Snorlax” and “Onyx” are being found in 3 locations:

  • Bukit Shabandar
  • Damuan Park
  • Kiulap Area near Seri Q-lap Mall

One of the trainers who was lucky enough to find a Snorlax was kind enough to provide us a screenshot of how a “Snorlax” look like when caught:

Brunei Snorlax

The trainer who gave us the screenshot told us that he was able to catch the rare Snorlax in Bukit Shabandar while he was jogging early in the morning.

The trainers we interviewed were also kind enough to provide a list of some of the pokestops available in Brunei. Although the list is not complete, it may give trainers an idea where to refill their pokeballs and potions:

Bandar Seri Begawan:
SOAS mosque area
Dewan Bahasa
Taman SOAS
Yayasan Vase
Waterfront area
Chinese Temple
Post Office
Tamu Kianggeh
Pusat Belia

Mahkamah Magistrate

Around the play ground area
[Stops: 3, Gym: 1]

Tasek Lama:
All around the Tasek Lama area

Kota Batu:
Sultan Sharif Ali cemetery
Jambatan Queen
Serdang mosque
Pelembayan mosque
Muzium Brunei
Mangrove Resort
Pintu Malim mosque
[Stops: 7, Gyms: 2]

Most of the monuments
[Stops: 4, Gyms: 3]

Istana Nurul Iman:
Around the gate or inside
[Stops: 1 or 2, Gyms: 1]

Beribi Mosque
Old PCSB building (Starbucks area)
QAF building (opposite BMW showroom)

Mata-Mata mosque

[Stops: 3, Gyms: 1]

The Mall
Old Unitek/Communist building
[Stops: 4-5, Gyms: 2]

TK Menglait
Gadong Properties
Gadong Central area
[Stops: 4, Gyms: 0]

Bali Paradise
Fitness Zone
[Stops: 3, Gyms: 1]

Jame Asri:
Around the mosque area
[Stops: 3, Gyms: 3]

Mini car by the Supasave building
[Stops: 1, Gyms: 0]

Jabatan Kerajaan:
Post Office
Government building area

Burung Pingai:

Stadium stairs and area around
Anggerek swimming pool
SEA Games monument

Times Square:
Citisquare Fish n Co
Airport Mall
Japs Hub Cyber Cafe

Serusop mosque
Black Ace cyber

Departure Hall
Airport mosque
Spiral staircase inside departure
Lamp nearby Cofee Bean
Anjung Saujana
VIP parking
[Stops: 4, Gyms: 2]

Huaho Manggis

Lambak Kanan mosque

Salambigar mosque

Mentiri mosque

Muara beach area
Pelabuhan Muara
[Stops: 2, Gyms: 1]

UBD mosque

Post office

All around the Shahbandar area

Golf course
[Stops: 2, Gyms: 1]

Jerudong Park area
Crystal by the roundabout
Fountain area
[Stops: 5, Gyms: 2]

Sengkurong mosque
Mulaut mosque
[Stops: 2, Gyms: 0]

Masin mosque
Taman Peranginan Kg Masin

Pengkalan Batu:
Pengakalan Batu mosque
Taman Peranginan Pengkalan Batu

Sg Basong Recreational Park area [3 stops]
Dewan Kemasyarakatan Tutong

Belait & Seria:
STKRJ Mumong Water Tank
Menara Cendera Kenangan
Billion Barrel Monument [Gym]
Taman Jubli KB
OGDC [Gym]
Lumut Lighthouse (but the place is off limits according to a contributor)
Pasar Lama KB
Tukers Line H16 Seria

As everyone is excited in playing the famous mobile game app, we do encourage prioritizing your safety while playing the game. Always remember the following while playing the game:

  • Don’t go anywhere you wouldn’t feel safe going alone
  • Stay alert of your surroundings
  • Never cross the road while looking at your mobile phone
  • Never play while driving / riding bike / Skateboarding
  • Do not trespass private locations

How about you? Did you find a rare Pokemon in Brunei?

Share us the story! We’ll be happy to post it online.

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