Incorporating Content Strategy into Website Development

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These days, consumers seem to put more trust in a company that has a website, so it’s vital for a business to have one. However, simply owning one is not the end of the story. Consumers tend to judge a brand, product, or service based on what they see and experience when they visit a website, therefore a business owner needs to put importance in how they present themselves to their potential customers online. In Brunei website development, one needs to focus their attention on reaching out and connecting to the local market base and in gaining the trust of the local consumers. However, business owners must also remember not to confine their website’s reach to the local community since online viewership has no borders.


The top SEO factor is optimizing “local landing pages and local listings with valuable information.” [Source:]

Visitors vs. Website Owners  

In a visitor’s point of view, the overall experience is what matters. The first few seconds they spend on a Web page will determine whether they will stay and find out more, or if they will leave, never to return — and they will do the latter instantly if what they initially experience does not please them. This includes loading time, pop-up ads that disrupt their entry into the page, intrusive videos and audio, and the general layout of the page. If, upon entry, they cannot immediately find what they are looking for, they will get turned off and move away in a click.

In the Web developer’s point of view, on the other hand, it takes many small aspects to create the whole. This includes, among other things, the choice of color, typeface, and general layout; the site’s ability to be viewed using different devices; the use of SEO techniques for the site to be found using different search engines; maximizing the use of social media buttons; and all those little items that visitors often ignore but will otherwise notice when not there. And of course, there is content.

Content Strategy

What initially comes to mind when it comes to content is text. While this certainly takes up a huge bulk of it, it’s not the whole picture since content also includes videos, audio, images, infographics, and the like. But again, putting in text and visual content does not necessarily mean success. It takes planning and strategy to make it work.

Search Engine Journal likens content strategy as dinner being prepared for guests: a chef plans and manages; a sous chef prepares the dishes; and the dinner guests judge. In the same way, an executive editor strategizes; the writer curates text content; and the readers makes their judgment. Neither can be done randomly or at a spur of the moment, otherwise there would no flow (and one can imagine, starting up a dish without the proper ingredients, or preparing soup that doesn’t match the main course). Of course, the way the dishes are arranged on which plate, the garnishing used, and color combinations — all these are carefully considered to make the dish palatable even before the guests take their first bite.

In a nutshell, a website owner has to plan ahead on what content they will “serve” their visitors, but before doing so, they need to understand their audience. Then, they have to set up a calendar so they can curate content based on the month or season, what social festivities there are, and similar considerations. There also has to be collaboration and clear communication between the people involved in the project. And finally, there must be a balance between being consistent and being adaptable to the ever-changing online landscape.

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