How to Rank in Google Brunei?

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Improving your ranking in a search engine’s SERP (search engine return/results page) equates to having more traffic to your website, thus increasing your business’s number of potential customers. But how to rank in Google Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries remains a question for many.

It does, indeed, remain as a mystery to some extent, since Google does not fully explain how they generate results. This is, perhaps, a security measure so no one can manipulate and abuse the system for their own gain. The company does share general facts that can help a website gain prominence in Google search.

First, Google uses a “spider” that regularly crawls the Web to find sites and add them to the database. This is done automatically, but a site owner may also submit the URL to Google so the spider can crawl it.

Google also gives advice on how to have a Google-friendly website:

  • Provide high-quality content. Putting information-rich content in your website not only gives your visitors a satisfying time and experience, it also makes it a good source which other site owners would want to link to. Talk about topics relevant to your niche, and use words that people are most likely to type during their search.
  • Have other sites link to your site. While unnatural links (or those links that try to fool a search engine into “thinking” that your site is popular) are far from helpful to your ranking, natural links are just the opposite. Natural links from other websites, especially reputable ones, are deemed as votes that your site is relevant and important.
  • Make it easy for people to access your site. Also, make it easy for visitors to navigate through the pages by using a logical link structure.
  • Place important names, links, words, and the like in text rather in images. Spiders don’t recognize words placed as graphics, so important content that can lead traffic to your site may be missed if you embed these in images

There are several possible reasons why your website does not appear in Google , including: lack of links from other sites on the Web; the last spider crawl took place just before the site was launched; the web design makes it hard for the spider to crawl and find content; or the site was down during the last crawl.

There are other useful tips, such as not cloaking pages or making one page look like many pages by using different URLs. Also, if you’re going to find an SEO specialist, make sure that they adhere to SEO best practices to ensure that you’d have a good reputation as far as the search engines are concerned.

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