Three Things to Consider in Web Design and Development

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If you’re pondering on redesigning your existing website or if you wish to launch a new one, then you need to take into account several factors in terms of web design and development. After all, you’d want to have a site that will be more effective in terms of attracting potential customers, and have return visits from those who get to discover your business.

Among the things to need to take into account are:

  •  Design. This does not only involve the way your website looks, but it also means considering your visitors’ experience. If you’re going to study your own experience, which website “behaviors” tend to annoy you or drive you away? Perhaps, it’s those drop-down menus that are difficult to manage, or those sidebar videos that launch automatically? Perhaps, it’s the lack of buttons, or maybe it’s the barrage of content that you get all at once? When you’re planning the design for your website, put your visitors’ experience as one of your top priorities so they’d stay for longer, come for return visits, and perhaps even recommend you or put a link on their own sites that lead to yours.

web design is your website’s content

  • Content. Just as important as your web design is your website’s content. Just ask yourself: once visitors land on your site, what will they see and read? Is it interesting and informative enough for them to want more, or will they just go away disappointed? Also, do they have a way of immediately finding out what other bits of information are contained in your site? If, for example, you’re selling self-defense products and they’re looking at a page on pepper sprays, will you be able to entice them enough to look into personal alarms and home security systems, too? Remember, you need to provide enough information without making your visitors go around in circles. Make your site a good source of information and you’ll soon be deemed as an authority in your field.
  •  Marketing. Even if you have an excellent website with great content, how would people know that you’re there? Having a marketing strategy will help you gain more reach, and attract more potential clients. For instance, what keywords are people more likely to use? What questions are they likely to type in their Search boxes? Does your website address their needs, and will the search engines “know” that you have the answers to such questions?

Remember that Web surfers have very little patience, and they will exit your site as easily as they entered. It is, therefore, important to give them a satisfying experience when they visit your site.

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