How much does logo design cost in Brunei?

Where Should I Host My Website in Brunei
Where Should I Host My Website in Brunei
April 7, 2020

When setting up your own business of any kind, a logo sets the standard for what they’re going to expect from your products and services. From the fun and cartoonish logo of a toy company to a straight forward logo of a law firm, your business’ logo is the oh so important first impression your potential customers are going to give.

That said, not everyone has the capital to afford big time agencies and studios to design their logo. So, the question is, how much do you think you’ll need for your logo?

The price of your own logo ultimately boils down to who you decide to work with in designing it.

Of course, it goes without saying that knowing a bit of digital arts can go a long way especially since you can make your own logo for free ($0 – $100). But considering that not everyone has years of experience in digital arts, going to your local artists and striking up a deal with them would be ideal ($100 – $5,000).

Although when you plan on spending a bit more for the logo if you really want to wow your would-be customers, offshore designers are a possible choice on the low end of the market ($100 – $250). Around the mid-ranged prices, renowned freelancers can go for around ($5,000 – $15,000). Small design companies on the other hand can design your logo for around twice what a renowned freelancer would usually ask for, since they have more hands working on your logo’s concept and design.

Around the margin between mid and high-end markets, a mid-sized agency can cost around $1,000 – $50,000+ depending on how well they do or how known they are as a company.

However, when you’re looking for more than just logo design, higher-end logo design prices can offer their services in your brand’s presence. This would be mostly them aiding your company’s exposure around the world. This can go along with their millions of followers that your company will be promoted to, instantly giving you exposure. They can also make use of their own identity and promote your company as a trusted partner, giving your own company a stamp of approval from a big-shot company. These deals will cost you around $60000+ if you’re willing to break the bank for that instant shot of attention your company needs.

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