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Three Things to Consider in Web Design and Development
Three Things to Consider in Web Design and Development
July 18, 2014
Responsive web design brunei
Why Your Web Designer in Brunei Should Know How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Site
July 30, 2014

If you’re considering creating a new website for your business or revamping your existing one, then you have to do some careful planning in order to attract more visitors. Remember that an effective website doesn’t have to be a fancy one, but it needs to be a place that potential customers would have a pleasant time visiting. You can, of course, do this yourself, but you can also consider acquiring the expertise of a web designer so your business in Brunei can effectively reach numerous potential customers.

There are certain characteristics that an effective website has to have:

  • It needs to be easy to navigate – that is, your visitors will be able to go from one page to another without difficulty. They should be able to go back to the home page whenever they want, and not have the feeling of “getting lost” in a maze of pages.
  • It has to be organized so your visitors can easily find topics that they want. If, for example, you’re in the HVAC industry and they want information about air conditioning, don’t confuse them by mixing up cooling systems with heaters and purifiers (although you can certainly mention those as you discuss air conditioners). Instead, entice them to look at your other products and services, and give them a way to find out more.
  • Choose your design carefully. It has to reflect your industry, but also distinct enough to make it stand out from the rest. It also has to be easy on the eyes with easy-to-read fonts and good color combinations.

web design is your website’s content

  • Your site has to be responsive, that is, people should be able to access your site regardless of what kind of machine they’re using, be it a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. Make sure that it doesn’t take forever to load, and it adjusts accordingly to different screen resolutions.
  • Page content has to be concise and engaging. Web surfers don’t spend more than a few seconds scanning a Web page at first, so you need to immediately to catch their interest, so they will stay to find out more.
  • Your content has to be informative, meaty, and interesting. If you’re able to catch your visitors’ interest, they will keep on reading and scrolling down, and they will click on your links to gain more information. This is also a way to let people and other websites know that you’re an authority in your field. If other sites find your content to be a good source of information, they may decide to link to your site which will then help search engines recognize your site as relevant.
  • Don’t let your site grow stale! Keep your content fresh, and keep on adding more content regularly so search engines will know that your website is constantly updated. Keeping a blog is a good way to have regular updates.

Furthermore, you need to learn how to market your website. No matter how wonderfully-designed your site is, no one will visit if they don’t know you’re there. There are certain marketing strategies to help your site get noticed, such as using keywords and having a social networking account, and these should be included when you plan on setting up a new website or when you’re revamping your current one.

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