Why Web Services is Essential for Your Business in Brunei

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July 30, 2014
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August 8, 2014

Creating a website is fairly easy. Creating an effective website is not. There are many factors to consider if you really want your site to work for you, and this requires lots of time and effort. But, as in any part of your business venture, you need to make wise choices and investments, and investing in Web services for your business in Brunei will, in the long run, prove to be beneficial for your company.

What’s So Difficult About Creating a Website?

You might have already observed that the Web is a very competitive world, and most businesses are vying to get noticed. So, if you want to have an edge over your competitors, or at least have a fair share of the number of potential customers, then you need to have strategies. Some of the things that need to look into while you’re on the designing stage are:

  • Who is your target customer?

You need to pinpoint who your audience is so you can design your site accordingly. For instance, if you’re targeting young professionals who are working their way up in the corporate world, then you need to work on a design that will appeal to that age bracket and class. You need to think that they will be busy with work in the office and then out on lunch meetings – therefore, your website should work well both on a desktop or a laptop.

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The map from http://gs.statcounter.com/ shows that while most Internet users still use their desktop, there are some parts of the world that use mobile devices.

  • Where is your target customer?

The location of your target is also important when you’re planning your site. If, for instance, your products are for retired individuals, then you might imagine that your audience would be mostly at home using a desktop with a large monitor rather than squinting into a small smartphone; or perhaps they’re having a well-earned holiday in another country. Also, you need to consider if your target market is centered in a place with high-speed connections or in an area where connections are slower.

  • What kind of device are they likely to use?

The younger generation is more familiar with touchscreen and handheld devices, while older people may still prefer the conventional desktop, so you need to imagine how this will affect your design. Also, you need to ask yourself (and your team) if your target market is more inclined to use the conventional mouse-keyboard combination (e.g. if they’re into video editing and such), or if they’re into touchscreen.

These are just a few of the factors that you need to look into – there are more, such as what words are they likely to type when they make an Internet search, or what kind of written content would interest them?

How a Web Expert Can Help

Yes, creating a website is a fairly complicated process if you’re serious about having one that will be both competitive and effective. A professional in the field can greatly ease your burden. They can provide you with services such as Web analysis (to study the market in relation to your product or service), Web design (to make sure that your site is both appealing and has excellent performance), Web content (to fill your site with relevant information that people will actually read), and SEO services (so people will find you when they make a search).

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