Ever wondered how is Brunei connected to the internet?

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The Internet is the largest computer network in the world, connecting millions of computers. It is an integral part of our everyday lives.

You may be wondering, “How are we connected to the internet?”

The image below is a map of all the underwater cables that connect the internet us to the internet.

03-16-2015 12-23-16 PM

The cables (colored lines) lying on the seafloor bring the internet to the world. They transmit 99 percent of international data, make transoceanic communication possible in an instant, and serve as a loose proxy for the international trade that connects advanced economies. You can see the full zoomable version here with the information about the latency.

These cables are often buried to protect against contact with fishing boats, marine beds, or other objects. At the deepest point in the Japan Trench, cables are submerged under water 8,000 meters deep.

The optical fibers that actually carry the information are bundled within the larger shell of the cable:


Image source: vox.com

The components include:

  1. Polyethylene
  2. Mylar tape
  3. Stranded metal (steel) wires
  4. Aluminum water barrier
  5. Polycarbonate
  6. Copper or aluminum tube
  7. Petroleum jelly (this helps protect the cables from the water)
  8. Optical fibers

These cables move the videos, trades, gifs, and articles that bring the internet around the world in a matter of milliseconds.

Can you imagine a world without internet?



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